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Attracting Candidates in Recruitment

Apr 30, 2020


Attracting the ideal candidate for your job listings can be a daunting task as a recruiting agency or staffing company. From crafting clear job postings to maintaining countless applications, identifying the proper applicant for a client can be time-consuming without the proper technology.

So, how do you attract candidates for recruitment that are best-fit? It doesn't have to be difficult! In the following content, we explore 7 tips that will smooth and streamline your hiring process.

1. Within Your Organization, Define Your “Best-Fit” Candidate: Before crafting a job description, define your “best-fit” candidate within your organization. What skills will this candidate possess? What education and experience requirements will he or she fulfill? Develop and implement an ideal checklist of professional and ‘soft’ skills to navigate through applications.

As a recruiter, learn and understand the hiring company's culture and core values, including what existing employees enjoy about the job. That way, during over-the-phone or in-person interviews, you can determine how the job seeker's personality aligns with the company.

Defining the best-fit candidate for open positions while crafting a job description eases the rest of the recruitment process.

2. Write Detailed, Clear Job Descriptions: Utilizing job requirements and information from the client’s side, craft a detailed and clear job description.

Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for requirements to come across jumbled, unclear job descriptions that hardly explore the position. Generally, these job board postings dissuade suitable candidates from applying.

With clarity, creativity, and transparency, explain the role and requirements. Briefly describe the work environment and include potential challenges. Help the candidate picture themselves as a potential employee.

When writing, utilize a checklist to ensure you post a compelling job description that attracts the right candidate:

  • Illustrate an employee's typical workday within the position
  • List recommended and required skills
  • Briefly describe the hiring company and include its core mission and values
  • Clarify any next step

3. Strengthen Your Employer Brand: Employer brand plays a significant, strategic role in attracting and retaining the best-fit candidates. As a recruitment agency, your primary concern involves securing long-term recruitment needs for clientele. Thus, your agency should appear modern, professional, and attractive to qualified candidates looking for the right positions.

Strengthening an employer brand begins with evaluating current reputation and brand awareness. How successful has your company been in differentiating from competitors? Have you successful secured long-term recruitment needs? Is your agency known locally and recognized through social media?

Prospective employees often sense the value of a brand within the job description and application process.

4. Simplify Your Website’s Career Page: Complex, dynamic career pages can turn away even the most ideal candidates. Embedding a simple-to-use software into your process can help prospective talent sort through a conglomeration of job positions and openings.

Applicants prefer a simple, authentic careers section on your website. Top recruiting software, with JobDiva being the exemplary case, gives companies a simplified career portal. JobDiva can display job openings in a sleek, intuitive streamline, guiding talent through your website’s career page to the right job.

5. Consider First Impressions, Digital & Physical: As a common phrase has it, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” First impressions go both ways; the applicant can deliver a remarkable first impression and you can do the same. Therefore, when searching for best-fit candidates, first impressions, both digital and physical, are crucial.

The job description, your website’s career page, and the application process all play a role in the digital first impressions. Is the description both clear and welcoming? Can the candidate locate the proper position with ease, navigating an intuitive career interface? Can he or she then complete a simple, straightforward application process and expect to hear back within a reasonable timeframe?

First impressions extend beyond the digital realm, however. Consider the impression you will make during an in-person interview. For example, does your reception area look updated and welcoming?

Your recruiting or staffing agency should feel pleasant, clean, and friendly as well. Of course, make sure the interviewer is friendly and professional, and the transition from entry to interview is seamless.

6. Simplify the Application Process: Consider every step of the application process. Can the candidate intuitively begin the process from the careers page? Once the application process has begun, how do you ensure the resume moves to the next step of the process?

Once more, top-rated recruiting software like JobDiva’s removes the responsibility of a simple application process from the recruiter. With an intuitive design, the cost and distance between recruiters and the best-fit candidates shrinks. Furthermore, potential candidates could apply through a simple, rich interface, designed to streamline the hiring process.

7. Use Recruitment Software to Smooth the Searching & Matching Process: The final tip for attracting the best-fit candidates for your open position is utilizing a trustworthy, modern recruitment software. The importance of streamlining the entire hiring process cannot be over-emphasized. Excellent recruitment software prevents valuable applicants from falling through the cracks and allows recruiters to maintain contact with the right candidates.

JobDiva: Powerful Recruiting Solutions

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