Staffing is in our DNA

JobDiva’s natively developed core technologies allow teams to laser-focus and streamline their productivity in a single platform, collaborating at every stage and making more hires at scale. Our highly intuitive product is constantly iterating so you can stay far ahead of your competition and propel continuous growth.


Accurate placements at the speed of light

JobDiva’s award-winning ATS software delivers crucial competitive advantages. Designed with deep understanding of the recruiting lifecycle, each page and flow focuses your team on the essential tasks that truly boost revenue. Automation enhances sourcing and hiring while minimizing costly administrative loads. Let our advanced technology hum in the background, refreshing recruiters’ talent pools and enriching every resume and req with useful data in real time. Then use our uniquely effective search tools to pinpoint the best talent for every requisition from millions of resumes in less than a second.

Provide recruiters and managers with an intuitive system that transforms traditional staffing workflows into a rapid delivery process.
Cultivate a vast, constantly refreshing talent pool with our industry-leading harvesting tool, which sources programmatically from your organization’s subscriptions and applicants.
See suggested matches immediately, and use our patented search technology to tailor searches to the exact job requirements, narrowing results even further.


Bring your relationships into perfect harmony

Our comprehensive CRM solution is tailored to address the distinct client service demands of staffing and recruiting. Featuring an extensive range of automated and visually-enhanced tools, it seamlessly integrates with our ATS, empowering recruiters, account managers, and other critical stakeholders with an all-encompassing, unified platform. This not only optimizes business workflows but also unlocks a higher level of client satisfaction and retention.

Multiply the value of each interaction between salespeople, clients, recruiters, and candidates with advanced tools for data tracking and mining.
Improve information flows and coordinate efforts between your front-office divisions to create customized solutions for your clients.
Pass prospect and client updates to your team while servicing customers or developing new lines of business.


Rapid and reliable onboarding

Our dynamic middle-office software accelerates the hiring cycle, automating document selection and simplifying the candidate experience. Robust and responsive, it wraps around your company’s best practices and adjusts according to ensure easy compliance based on a variety of factors – your clients’ preferences, local requirements, tax categories, and more – with no heavy administrative workload.
Guide and track your candidates through a traceable, paperless, and mobile-friendly process.
Benefit from encrypted document sharing and signatures and protect everyone’s privacy every step of the way.
Collect and manage I-9 related documentation and perform electronic employment verification via our integration with E-Verify to determine work eligibility.
Harness our integrations with the market’s most widely adopted background check tools.


A strong backbone for your business

Our native back office suite equips your team with robust modules that provide real-time insights into the financial impact of front office activities. Having a fully integrated ecosystem means dynamic collaboration across your organization, allowing for better pipelining, forecasting and tracking of real profitability. Each step of the billing cycle supports extensive customization, so you can meet even the most intricate end client requirements for transactional data handling and presentation. As accrued client knowledge from your ATS and CRM flows into your financial records, you’ll get complete clarity into your company’s true financials while maintaining the highest security and reliability standards.

Automate timesheet collection or create smooth workflows for electronic approvals.
Run various billing and payroll processes, customized by scenario.
Account for a variety of project types with financial tools for both contract assignments and SOW projects.
Integrate with the most trusted payroll and general ledger systems.


Reqs as they happen

We’re the pioneers of VMS synchronization. Our mature technology makes us the preferred partner for all stakeholders in the service pipeline, as you'll be able to reliably collect and index data from all major Vendor Management Systems on the market today.

Supercharge your organization’s performance with up-to-the-minute job syncing that reaches your recruiters quicker than the competition.
Bring in timesheets, expenses, SOWs and more to capture all key transactions with your client.
Customize handling of incoming records to attune data to your team's best practices and workflows.


Knowledge is power

JobDiva is loaded with staffing-centric reports and dashboards. Surface insights and performance patterns while also enabling deep dives into the behavior of teams, clients, service groups and more. Nearly every click and data point in JobDiva is tracked, empowering you to make bold, data-driven decisions that put you way ahead of the competition.

Immediately access 1000+ reports serving myriad data configurations, and visualizations informed by our 20+ years of deep immersion in the staffing industry.
Equip your various teams and user groups with the exactly the right dashboards to assess and understand their performance, conduct business health checks, and drive meetings.
Receive instant summaries of your relationship with clients via mini-dashboards built into every CRM record.
Create, customize and easily share your own dashboards and reports, shaping your data with a multitude of possible filters and rules.
Transform your staffing business