Our Patented Search Technology

JobDiva is the only ATS software that can search for candidates’ skills based on their actual years of experience in a skill or job. This allows recruiters to refine their searches automatically just as they would manually, and ensures they only see candidates who meet an opportunity’s requirements. On top of that, the results can be filtered by industry, title, location, and more. Delivering these pre-qualified lists to your recruiters eliminates the time-consuming process of evaluating 'maybe' candidates and gets you to a thoroughly vetted roster of 'yes' candidates instead.

Instant Job Updates

Our VMS synchronization tools are the most mature on the market. We pioneered this space and have continued to anticipate market needs by aggressively expanding and investing in our VMS solutions, so you have full awareness of your clients' ever-evolving needs.

JobDiva Resume Harvester

Our peerless harvesting technology will modernize your sourcing operations instantly. Gone are the days when companies could afford to let recruiters and sourcers aimlessly click around the internet, burning through paid resume views, duplicating efforts, lingering on networking sites, and getting minimal coverage after working hours. Our clients get maximum coverage of talent as soon as jobs surface online by using automated processes that are hyper-sensitive to the opportunities your team is handling.

Candidate Marketing

Engaging your candidates is key, and curating your outreach makes all the difference. JobDiva makes it easy to market opportunities to highly specific and dynamic talent pools with impactful messaging delivered in customizable formats.
You can set rules to guarantee no one is contacted twice by accident, schedule automatic follow-ups and reminders, and track email receptivity with our analytics modules. Our built-in compliance tools ensure strong email delivery rates.
Transform your staffing business