About Us

Foundational Technology for Staffing Agencies

JobDiva is the leading Platform as a Service (PaaS) technology for the staffing industry. At the core of our product is a patented recruiting engine and a comprehensive suite of advanced modules that brings every aspect of your business into alignment.
We strive to contribute to the well-being of everyone directly or indirectly touched by our service. We are guided by the principles of respect, sincerity, fairness, and goodwill.
Our platform was born of necessity, at a New York staffing agency helmed by a tech entrepreneur who realized that no software yet existed that could meet the new challenges of the industry—it had to be built from scratch.

In 2003, JobDiva entered the market as the first Applicant Tracking System to offer resume harvesting from job boards, VMS synchronization and a unique search that no competitor has been able to replicate to this day.

We remain deeply attuned to the unique challenges of this volatile space. We build tools to optimize how all of recruiting works: from a staffing-centered CRM to intuitive client billing and beyond. Our singular software ecosystem is constantly iterating to give our clients the competitive edge they need to prevail.
Transform your staffing business