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Sep 14, 2023
JobDiva Tops G2 Rankings for Fall 2023

New York, NY – We're thrilled to share that JobDiva seized the spotlight at the G2 Fall 2023 awards, earning a whopping 94 badges and making an appearance in 150 reports.

Aug 14, 2023
JobDiva and Terefic Forge a Powerful Partnership to Elevate Candidate Verification and Trust

New York, NY – August 14, 2023 – JobDiva, a leading innovator in staffing and recruitment technology, is excited to announce its integration with Terefic, a specialized provider of fraud detection and reference checking solutions tailored for staffing firms. This collaboration marks a significant advancement in candidate verification and security within the industry.

Aug 14, 2023
Integration of Zeal with JobDiva Streamlines Onboarding and Hiring Cycles for Staffing Companies

New York, NY – August 14, 2023 – Zeal, a leading provider of contract lifecycle management solutions, is thrilled to announce a new integration with JobDiva, the market’s most advanced ATS and CRM solution for staffing agencies. This integration brings a host of benefits to staffing firms, streamlining processes, and promoting collaboration between these two powerful software solutions.

Jun 30, 2023
Enhanced Identity Verification Now Available for JobDiva UK Clients with TrustID Integration

New York, NY – We are happy to announce our UK clients can now take advantage of the seamless integration between JobDiva and TrustID. TrustID is an industry leading, government certified Identity Service Provider (IDSP) for Right to Work services, offering comprehensive support for in-person, remote and digital identity checks. By harnessing their cutting-edge Identity Document Validation Technology (IDVT) supported by a team of compliance experts based in the UK, TrustID significantly enhances the accuracy of validation decisions. Additionally, TrustID has established a direct interface with the Home Office share code platform, facilitating the capture of share codes for non-UK/Irish nationals.

May 16, 2023
JobDiva now integrates with Monster

New York, NYJobDiva’s much-anticipated, semantic-powered search integration with Monster is now available to our users. Real-Time Search (RTS) for Monster's Classic Resume Search and Power Search, providing noticeable efficiency gains in time and cost.

Apr 21, 2023
JobDiva's New Brand Identity

New York, NY – This year JobDiva celebrates its 20th anniversary. On this occasion, we’re launching a new brand identity, which we believe weds the success story of our past and our unbounded excitement for the future. In our earliest days, our logo was a stack of black and white resumes, and while the world has changed, using information to connect candidates and recruiters remains as powerful an idea as ever. A resume-inspired shape endures, but now it is extended into three weightless, semi-transparent layers, each chromatically enriching the others, that hover alongside a cleaner rendering of our company name. The colors of the layers embody three of our guiding principles: a vivid red for passion at work, a rich navy for stability and maturity, and a sheer white for the silent operations of our powerful core technologies.

Jul 19, 2022
JobDiva Sweeps G2 Summer Award Season, Earning Over Two Dozen #1 Wins With Special Distinction in the Enterprise Category

New York, NYJuly 19, 2022 – JobDiva swept the G2 summer award season with rave reviews across the board. JobDiva secured thirteen #1 wins and was named a Leader in Summer 2022, the highest and most comprehensive honor. In addition, the company earned 10 awards in the leadership category and 9 awards in the enterprise categorya sign of its impressive growth and performance in this sector.

Oct 20, 2020
Exploring JobDiva's Integration with LinkedIn Recruiter System Connect

New York, NY – October 20, 2020 – JobDiva is proud to announce that JobDiva has integrated with LinkedIn Recruiter System Connect (LinkedIn RSC).

Apr 24, 2020
JobDiva Wins ‘Top Rated 2020’ Award for Applicant Tracking from TrustRadius

New York, NY – April 24, 2020 – JobDiva is proud to have won the Top Rated award in Applicant Tracking from TrustRadius for 2020, a badge of recognition grounded in true user results and data.

At a time full of stark unknowns for most sectors of the workforce, staffing enterprises need stable, highly advanced technology to maintain upward motion, brand identity and operational adaptability.