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JobDiva and Terefic Forge a Powerful Partnership to Elevate Candidate Verification and Trust

Aug 14, 2023

New York, NY – August 14, 2023 – JobDiva, a leading innovator in staffing and recruitment technology, is excited to announce its integration with Terefic, a specialized provider of fraud detection and reference checking solutions tailored for staffing firms. This collaboration marks a significant advancement in candidate verification and security within the industry.

A Seamless Integration : The integration between JobDiva and Terefic introduces a seamless and efficient way for recruiters to harness Terefic's cutting-edge services directly from the JobDiva platform. This integration not only streamlines the recruitment process but also elevates the standards of candidate verification, ensuring accuracy and building trust with clients.

Key Highlights of Terefic's Offerings:

- Reference Checks: This robust tool targets candidates who provide false references. While references are generally positive, confirming their authenticity is vital. Approximately 10% of candidates engage in deceptive practices. Additionally, the platform generates high-quality client and candidate leads, contributing to new revenue streams.

- ID Digital Verification: Similar to the efficiency of TSA X-ray devices, Terefic's ID digital verification tool swiftly scans candidates in just 5 seconds. This instantaneous process ensures the rapid identification of fake IT candidates right at the initial recruitment stage. By weeding out such candidates early in the process, staffing firms can save time, resources, and their reputation.

The JobDiva / Terefic Advantage:

The combined system transforms the way staffing firms operate:

- Increased Efficiency: Candidate screening is a very time-consuming process when done manually. With Terefic, automated reference checks and digital ID verification allow you to allocate your resources more effectively.
- Autopilot Convenience: Leverage the Autopilot feature that initiates reference checks and/or ID digital verifications automatically when candidates reach a certain stage in the process, streamlining your workflow.
- New Revenue Streams: Generate quality candidate and client leads that convert remarkably well into new income for your staffing firm.
- Fraud Detection: Benefit from tools that help you mitigate potential damage and uphold the integrity of the recruitment process, ensuring you can trust the candidates you bring forward.

Building Trust and Mitigating Candidate Fraud:

The collaboration between JobDiva and Terefic equips staffing firms with robust tools to detect potentially fraudulent candidates. By taking proactive measures to verify candidate credentials, staffing firms can prevent potential damage and establish themselves as trusted partners in their respective sectors.

This integration reinforces JobDiva's commitment to providing its users with the latest advancements in recruitment technology, while also supporting the broader industry in maintaining the highest standards of candidate verification and client trust.

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About Terefic

Terefic is a specialized provider of fraud detection and reference checking solutions designed exclusively for staffing firms. By offering cutting-edge technology and innovative features, Terefic revolutionizes the way staffing firms approach candidate verification and trust-building.

About JobDiva

JobDiva is a leading global Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) technology platform for staffing and recruitment. With a focus on innovation and efficiency, JobDiva empowers staffing professionals with a comprehensive suite of tools to streamline their operations and drive success.

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