What is JobDiva?

JobDiva is a solution for the staffing organization. Targeted to the staffing organization, JobDiva is a comprehensive solution that encompasses an extensive applicant tracking system, client CRM system, job management workflow fulfillment system and process, candidate careers/jobs web site portal, electronic job board resume harvester, electronic VMS job spidering tool, time keeping and billing system as well as a VMS/MSP system and solution. All these components, have been developed by JobDiva as an integral part of the one JobDiva solution. All JobDiva's business software has been developed by JobDiva for JobDiva only. This JobDiva software, process and solution is the proprietary property of JobDiva.

What makes JobDiva's resume search engine different from other resume search engine products?

JobDiva's resume search engine patent-pending technology has the capability of producing a short list of the best-suited candidates for the job requirement. The short list of resumes has a high precision ratio. That is, most of the retrieved resumes, if not all, have the required skills at the required duration of experience. The short list of resumes has also a high recall ratio. That is, most of the resumes, which are a match to the requirement by skill and duration of experience, are located by the search.

How will JobDiva give my company a competitive advantage?

Faster Fills. The electronic pile of resumes, which are received in response to advertising and to subscriptions to public web sites, is rapidly reduced to the short list of candidates who have the required background. Suitable candidates can be located and qualified within seconds or minutes beating the competition to the hunt. The rapid delivery of almost all the properly matching candidates enables the recruiter to select the best available candidates. The alternative is to leaf through a considerably larger pile of electronic resumes and settle for the first few that match. When put against other staffing companies in competing for jobs, when the sales representative does not have a solid relationship with the hiring manager, the success ratio of a company using JobDiva in a one-on-one competitive situation is approximately seven to one. When the sales representative does have a close relationship to the hiring manager, the fill ratio is almost 100%.

How can JobDiva save my company money?

JobDiva greatly improves the recruiter's productivity. The recruiter's work-hours will be spent qualifying candidates who match the requirements rather than manually inspecting resumes for the possible matching candidates. The recruiter will no longer have to examine the resumes to locate the matching skills and length of experiences. JobDiva would have done that for the recruiter. The recruiter will focus his/her time on phone and personal interviews, on salary and benefits negotiation and on other facets of the hiring process. If you're wondering how much is JobDiva, the answer is customer specific. JobDiva pricing is determined on a client-by-client basis. Yet with 99.99% uptime, unlimited customer support and training and free upgrades released instantly to all clients, JobDiva delivers a level of savings never before seen in staffing.

What are JobDiva's complementary characteristics?

JobDiva supports your brand by improving the efficiency and effectiveness of your delivery. Your brand, products and services get delivered more efficiently and effectively to your clients while JobDiva inconspicuously work in the background. JobDiva does not replace or interfere in any of your sales or marketing products. JobDiva enhances their competencies. JobDiva utilizes your advertising and subscription capabilities with no additional effort on your part. Electronically, JobDiva can read your resumes from incoming e-mail, from your database and/or from the public web sites that you subscribe to and make them immediately available in your search results.

How much behavior change and retraining will be necessary to fully utilize JobDiva?

JobDiva requires little training and though it's fully supported, JobDiva is an intuitive product and very easy to learn.

How does JobDiva retrieve resumes for me?

JobDiva downloads resumes from the public jobs boards to which you are subscribed, using your account logins and passwords, by way of the IE Internet browser. Part of JobDiva's offering is this download program and it s source code which runs on a single PC at your site. The tool runs at a speed which emulates the time it takes for a human end-user to search retrieve resumes and pauses for some time between clicks so as to not burden the job board provider s hardware. Therefore, because it might take longer to download a hundred resumes from a single web site, the download program creates multiple instances for each different public job board to which you subscribe. The tool utilizes either your entered list of skills in the search or the criteria you have stored in JobDiva to download pertinent resumes from the public sites into your private account at JobDiva. Regardless of whether the resumes were downloaded by you, the JobDiva tool, or were sent in response to your job postings they will be your company s private resumes within JobDiva.

How quickly after resumes are sent to my JobDiva account can they be searched and accessed?

Almost immediately. You can either have applicants email their resumes directly to your private JobDiva account at or you can auto-forward emails you receive to If there is a job site that you control, we will provide you with a simple interface, user ID, and password to FTP the files to JobDiva. Any one of the options takes only a few minutes to configure. Most importantly, when the leads are e-mailed or FTP'd, they become searchable in less than five minutes. It takes JobDiva one to five minutes to extrapolate the attributes and auto-populate the database.

Can JobDiva retrieve resumes from any job board?

JobDiva offers tools to retrieve resumes from most of the national job board but if there is any website to which you subscribe that the download programs do not cover, we will be able to check into supporting it.

Can JobDiva be used as a plug-in or inter-operate with other software tools already implemented?

JobDiva's search engine can be utilized in parallel with your in-house workflow systems and processes. Again, your in-house data base and workflow processes can only benefit from JobDiva and no modification to them is required when JobDiva is used.

Can JobDiva work in tandem with my company's career board website?

Though JobDiva can be used as an order-fulfillment tool, it need not replace any existing tool. Additionally, JobDiva is not meant to replace the front-end portal which promotes your business.

How does JobDiva deliver its products?

As a hosted ASP at our data center or installed on-site at your company.

What are JobDiva's metrics, results and benchmarks?

By using JobDiva, you will be witness a drop in the cost per hire (placement), placement per recruiter, candidate submittal per recruiter, and candidate submittal per opening. You will also realize greater customer satisfaction and repeat business. You probably account for these metrics monthly or quarterly. The tracking of such activities, if not available to you otherwise, is available in JobDiva. Our research shows that an individual recruiter using JobDiva is two to three times more productive than a recruiter utilizing other search engines. This is based on in-the-field experience against competition. We've calculated the minimum savings to be the cost of two recruiter's annual compensation and overhead for each employed recruiter (you will need one recruiter to handle the workload of three with JobDiva) and, therefore, you can expect the productivity of your recruiters to triple.

What about the privacy and confidentiality of the information and resumes save to my JobDiva account?

Resumes received by JobDiva from you and through your subscriptions to public and private web sites are yours and are held in strict confidence. Different subscribers of JobDiva might also be subscribers to the same public web site and may retrieve the same resumes however, in JobDiva, your obtained resumes will remain private to you. Additionally, any notes or comments made by you will remain proprietarily owned by you. JobDiva will obtain, on your behalf for your private use, any resume that you might need from your subscribed private or public web sites. You will privately own these resumes.

How is JobDiva installed?

JobDiva requires no new hardware or software installation. Setting up IDs and passwords are the only system requirements to utilize JobDiva.

So, JobDiva is a Platform as a Service. Is any data hosted in the EEA/UK?

For UK and EEA clients, JobDiva utilizes Oracle's UK cloud data centers for infrastructure, which is comprised of the main databases, supporting farms of equipment, and DR (data recovery). Thereby, all UK/EEA data is stored and maintained in the UK.