Operational Efficiency
Successful staffing takes speed, drive, and organization. Recruiting is in our DNA, so we know your placement rate hinges on a strong workflow. Our software gives you the competitive edge to automate and streamline your back-office processes, gain concrete data insights, and personalize outreach.
A Centralized Solution
JobDiva offers an ATS, CRM, and back-office solution all in one ecosystem. Your team can harvest talent, manage customer relations, and record and track financial transactions in one seamlessly arranged experience.
Automated Processes
Maximize efficiency and optimize time with the power of automated processes and AI-enabled tools. Take advantage of our harvester, coddler, CV parser, and paperless onboarding system to land more submittals per hour and placements per week. Our technology works 24/7 so you don’t have to.
Data-Driven Insights
Gain valuable corporate insights with our powerful business intelligence (BI) products. Our BI tool scrutinizes every aspect of your business, including finances, job placements, and productivity, providing real-time data updates to offer unparalleled visibility into your daily, weekly, monthly, and annual operations. Our BI reports can be effortlessly exported and shared with leaders and team members, promoting effective collaboration and informed decision-making.
Robust Redeployment
Source top candidates with unprecedented speed and precision to facilitate successful placements throughout your organization. A strong initial match makes future talent redeployment far easier, and JobDiva's cutting-edge, AI-enhanced matching technology ensures that every match aligns precisely with current job requirements, building up your candidate pool without sacrificing quality.
Transform your staffing business