Remembering Diya

Diya embodied the American dream, not only in his life's story but in his perspective. For Diya, each day held unlimited possibilities. Days were not full of tasks to be accomplished, but opportunities to be realized.

For those of us lucky enough to have known Diya, we remember his friendly, sly smile lighting up JobDiva's headquarters in his beloved home of New York. A perennial educator, he took the time to unreservedly communicate his knowledge and enthusiasm, whether you happened to run into him in the office kitchen or were one of the audience members at his business seminars around the world.

We remember his adventurous intellect, which allowed him to process information like no one else; his boundless personal generosity; his commitment to truth, ethics, transparency, and optimism. He infused these values into JobDiva, his labor of love and imagination.

JobDiva Sails Onward

Like Apple's Steve Jobs and Oracle's Larry Ellison before him, Diya did not merely tweak his field, but perceived vast new possibilities within it, seizing them to create unprecedented products and services. His passion for continuous evolution made him an icon in the recruitment and technology industries, and his work lives on today.

To fulfill his vision and create a new way to run a staffing agency, Diya assembled a diverse team of brilliant engineers and industry veterans. This same team now carries this spirit of ambition and adventure forward today. He continues to inspire us as we work on the next waves of automation, innovation, and sheer technological power.

Keeping Diya's Memory Alive

You could hardly speak to Diya for a minute without noting his optimism and his infectious belief in the promise of the future.

If your spirits were low, by the end of a conversation with Diya, you would be excited to face the unknown adventure of the next day; he would have passed his hope for tomorrow onto you. This was part of his generosity.

In this sense, we keep Diya's memory alive, not just by looking toward the past and our memories of him, but by looking toward the future. As long as we continue evolving, Diya will be with us. And at JobDiva, that is precisely what we are doing. In our spirit of relentless innovation, Diya lives on.





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