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JobDiva's New Brand Identity

Apr 21, 2023

New York, NY – This year JobDiva celebrates its 20th anniversary. On this occasion, we’re launching a new brand identity, which we believe weds the success story of our past and our unbounded excitement for the future. In our earliest days, our logo was a stack of black and white resumes, and while the world has changed, using information to connect candidates and recruiters remains as powerful an idea as ever. A resume-inspired shape endures, but now it is extended into three weightless, semi-transparent layers, each chromatically enriching the others, that hover alongside a cleaner rendering of our company name. The colors of the layers embody three of our guiding principles: a vivid red for passion at work, a rich navy for stability and maturity, and a sheer white for the silent operations of our powerful core technologies. 
 Our clients understand who we are and how we operate. Our ethos is not a tossed-off phrase or the chasing of a trend, but a proven ongoing experience, a tangible benefit that adds real value to their business. It is an energy that propels us forward each day. We are constantly asking ourselves: what are our clients feeling right now? How profitable are they? How can we serve them better? What will be most impactful, most elevating, and most breathtaking? 
Our new identity speaks to the resources we bring to bear on these challenges.
Its aesthetic – highly modern and functional but also warm and humanist – is an expression of our commitment to both philosophies and an illustration of the joy we find delivering the world’s most unique and prized ATS to our community.