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The JobDiva Model

JobDiva Introduction
JobDiva is a complete SaaS solution that delivers ATS/CRM/VMS synchronization and more. Integrating with your job board subscriptions and vendor management systems, JobDiva is the ultimate solution that streamlines all your recruitment and staffing needs. By placing recruitment, sales, back office and management into one workflow, JobDiva lifts your entire organization to a higher level of productivity. Our unique, patented "skills by years of experience" search technology makes JobDiva the ultimate staffing solution. At JobDiva we constantly deliver new capabilities and enhancements to keep our clients in sync with the most cutting-edge technology. JobDiva provides training to new and current users, live technical support and enhancement webinars, all at no additional cost to clients. Data security is a critical part of JobDiva's success as a SAAS model. We have your data fully protected. JobDiva supports multiple browsers and platforms. JobDiva is the strongest, most complete SaaS ATS/CRM/VMS solution on the market.

SAAS Model
  • Free Yourself from Software and Hardware Maintenance
  • Access JobDiva from Anywhere
  • Inoculate Your Company from 'Versionitis'
  • Stay Up to Date
New Releases
  • Be Part of the Future
  • Leverage Content Rich Best Practices Guide
  • Benefit from JobDiva's Rigorous Development Strategy
  • Filter out the Fluff, the Fads and the Distractions
  • Free Yourself from 'Versionitis'
  • Don't Pay for Upgrades or Fixes
  • Easily Learn an Ergonomically Mature System
  • Receive Onsite Training From Knowledgeable Staff
  • Pay Nothing for Ongoing Training
Help and Best Practices
  • Use Content Rich JobDiva Help Section
  • Leverage Content Rich Best Practices Guide
  • Easily Refer to the What's and the How's of Functions
  • Leverage the Why's for Optimal Performance
  • Search by Phrase or Topic of Interest
  • Read Priority Topics for Essential Guide
  • Store Your Data Safely Manage Multiple Divisions
  • Control Access to SystemTrack Metrics by Division
  • Let JobDiva Manage Disaster Recovery Plans
  • Receive Security Assessments
Cross-Platform, Cross Browser
  • JobDiva supports the following browsers
  • Internet Explorer® 9
  • Internet Explorer® 10
  • Internet Explorer® 11
  • Microsoft® Edge
  • Google® Chrome
  • Mozilla® Firefox
  • Apple® Safari
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