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Back Office Transparency

  • Integrate Front Office and Back Office Financial Processes
  • Collect Timesheets Electronically
  • Manage Billing
  • Integrate with Microsoft® Dynamics GP, QuickBooks®, ADP® and more!
  • View an Array of Financial Reporting
Electronic On-Boarding
  • Define Standard Onboarding Packages
  • Set Client Packages to Automatically Supplement Standard Packages
  • Let Documents Auto-Populate
  • Allow JobDiva to Read Documents and Update Internal Records
  • Benefit from Secure I-9 Storage
  • Separate Medical-Related Documents for Additional Privacy
  • Receive Email Updates as Documents are Returned and Packages Completed
  • Track Progress through Universal Reporting and Custom BI Reporting
  • Automatically Nag Candidates for Missing Documents
  • Enjoy a Totally Permission-driven Process That Ensures Only Appropriate Document Access
  • Create a Separate On-boarding Process for Subcontractors' Supplying Agencies
  • Leverage the Option to Create a Phased On-boarding Process
  • Let JobDiva collect EEO Data from Applicants
  • Utilize Automatically Stored Data for Reporting and Auditing Purposes
  • Comply to OFCCP Guidelines With Existing JobDiva Capabilities
  • Draw on JobDiva's Best Practices Guide
  • Run Employment Verification program through JobDiva, one of a select group of official 'Employer Agents'
  • Determine eligibility of New Hires to work in the United States, leveraging hundreds of government databases
  • Track historical data in flexible reporting
  • Receive email updates regarding status updates
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