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JobDiva Recognized as a "Pacesetter" by Software Advice's Frontrunners Quadrant

NEW YORK, April 30, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- JobDiva is proud to announce that their leading global Applicant Tracking, Talent Management and Customer Relations solution has been named a 'Pacesetter' on Software Advice's 2018 'Frontrunners for Applicant Tracking' quadrant, powered by Gartner methodology.

Software Advice provides a trusted catalog of user-provided ratings and reviews for a diverse range of software tools and platforms. Esteemed and prescient, the Frontrunners quadrant often successfully identifies the most impressive players in a particular space.

As such, JobDiva's leadership is pleased that JobDiva—doubtless the most important advance in the recent history of staffing technology—has been recognized as a Pacesetter in Applicant Tracking Software.

"We at JobDiva are pleased to be named a Pacesetter for 2018," said Yana Nigen, JobDiva's Chief Marketing Officer. "At JobDiva, we do not innovate for its own sake. Rather, JobDiva is committed to helping our clients achieve their potential, and innovation is the surest route toward that goal."

JobDiva marshals a broad set of tools to hoist their clients far above the competition—and in the process, transforming the expectations that recruiters bring to their software and workflow. Recruiters who have felt inundated with work suddenly feel free, thanks to JobDiva's multi-layered tools; managers can now leave on time five days per week, all while tripling and quadrupling annual revenue.

For these reasons and more, JobDiva sets the standard, and the pace: a true Pacesetter.

Additionally, JobDiva was recently recognized as a top-rated Recruiting Software by TrustRadius, for 2018. To explore this award-winning suite of staffing tools, request a demonstration today.

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