Do any of your clients use Vendor Management Systems – the secure web portals where approved vendors like you can log in and see job orders? Without the right tools, these portals can be difficult to manage. Jobs may open and close without you noticing. Information, such as required skills or pay rate, can change, leaving recruiters unaware that they’re working to fill a job order which no longer exists.

Let JobDiva manage your clients’ VMSs for you, so that your system is never out of sync with your clients’ needs.

Automatically Sync Your Database of Jobs with All Vendor Management Systems

It used to be that the only way to stay on top of the dynamic information presented in Vendor Management Systems was to have staff checking these windows constantly, but this is a poor allocation of your resources. Let recruiters recruit, and let JobDiva manage your clients’ VMSs.

JobDiva is the only Applicant Tracking System that can spider these portals for you. While logged into the VMSs you service, JobDiva automatically uploads posted jobs into your JobDiva database. The jobs will begin appearing in the open jobs dashboard of the assigned account managers and recruiters. The electronic entry of VMS jobs into your database saves you data entry and constantly keeps your list of open jobs current.

Most importantly, JobDiva closes jobs and changes their statuses as they close and change in the VMS portal. Recruiters will never again have to work on jobs only to find out later that they’ve been screening candidates for openings which no longer exist.

By concentrating in JobDiva, recruiters no longer lose focus or waste time jumping between an ATS, the VMS portals and their email to get new VMS jobs and keep them current.

Opt to Receive Email Notifications Whenever a Job Opens, Closes or Updates

Whenever there’s a change on a job order in your client’s VMS, JobDiva’s spider will capture it and modify the corresponding job order within JobDiva.

Any alteration in the data or status can automatically generate email notifications to everyone assigned to that job, so that recruiters and their managers know when, for example a job’s location has changed or that it’s been filled by another agency. Recruiters never again have to waste time working against outmoded job orders or screening candidates without the most current information at their fingertips.

Automatically Cleanse Sensitive Data

When JobDiva spiders a VMS, it only imports data from pre-set categories so that you can pick and chose which details get uploaded into your internal job record.

JobDiva can also be set to automatically cleanse job descriptions of sensitive data such as the client’s name or any other terms that might identify the client: such as the hiring manager’s name or the project’s titles.