JobDiva has streamlined the communications intrinsic to recruiting. Speed up your workflow with pre-formatted emails, data sheets for candidates, and a standardized process for collecting employment references.

Pre-Format Email Templates for Merges and Activities

Customize standard templates for recruiters and salespeople to use in email merges as they reach out to candidates and contacts.

Utilize Rich Text features for email templates. You can also set certain fields, such as names or date, to automatically populate the email.

Templates can also be prepared for emails associated with the activities of a recruiting workflow, such as submittals and interviews. For example, send a standard email to candidates affirming that they’ve been submitted for a position, and set the system to automatically import that candidate’s name and the job description into the email.

Keep Candidate Attributes in Data Sheet Templates

Define an attribute list to appear on the Candidate screen. This can be used as a guide for recruiters to use while screening candidates. Add items such as: Reason For Leaving Last Job, Prior Salary, Openness to Travel, etc. As a recruiter speaks to a candidate, they can fill out the data sheet then save the edited copy to that candidate’s record.

Save Candidate References Q&A in Templates

Each candidate page contains a record of all references your company has collected for that candidate. JobDiva allows you to set a list of standard questions to be included in that record so that recruiters know what questions to ask. The screen leaves space for answers to be saved as well. This provides a valuable, durable record, which other recruiters and managers can draw upon whenever considering that candidate.