JobDiva has the most effective search engine on the market. Free your recruiters from the inefficiency of reading through superfluous resumes to get to the first possible fit, and see the positive effects ripple throughout your practice: your staff will be happier to get better search results. Clients will be pleased by the quick turnaround. Candidates will gain respect for your focused process. And you will be glad to see your SG&A drop as cost per submittal declines.

Search Resumes Utilizing Boolean Logic Qualified by Years of Experience

Fact: JobDiva is the only Applicant Tracking System that can search by years of experience. Other Applicant Tracking Systems’ search capabilities are limited to key word matches – the usual clumsy search engine method standard to the market, while our patent-pending technology allows users to sharpen their results exponentially. JobDiva can search for the years of experience associated with a required skill or industry. This seemingly minor adjustment to the search process is in fact a tipping point: it profoundly changes the recruiting process. Wasting time reading through the wrong resumes absorbs the majority of a recruiter’s day. When the very first search sifts out most unqualified candidates, time and energy can be refocused elsewhere: expanding the screening, assessing and qualifying processes, servicing more jobs, etc.

These days, with the Internet and competing staffing companies funneling hundreds of potential candidates toward a single opening, hiring managers can afford to be picky. Many are looking for a complex set of skills. They don’t just want an expert in one area. They want that expertise augmented with specific technologies or industry experience. Or sometimes they’re looking for at least one of several qualities. This can create a confounding puzzle in satisfying every job order.

But JobDiva will help you satisfy the most discriminating hiring managers without unnecessarily burning an inordinate amount of time. By delivering the few people who meet the job’s requirements, JobDiva enables the recruiter to locate and qualify the best available candidate rather than just the first candidate who meets the minimum requirements. And JobDiva delivers this short, high-quality list of candidates rapidly. There’s no need to cut corners with JobDiva. Deliver your clients the best candidate every time.

Search Resumes for Synonyms and Implications

JobDiva’s search engine deduces relevant industry and skill experience from implying terms, a process called ‘mapping.’

For example, a search for candidates with experience in ‘cardiac’ care will map to ‘heart,’ ‘Java’ will map to ‘J2EE’, and ‘banking’ to all brand name banks.

After only a few years, we have amassed a thesaurus with over 30,000 implications, and every day the thesaurus deepens.

Combine the Above Searches with Traditional Filters of Location, Pay, Education, Exclusion, Licenses and More

JobDiva allows you to filter search returns not only based on criteria but also excluding some others. This helps whittle down the list to candidates with just the appropriate amount of experience, in the right area, with a suitable pay range or required skills or education. And it’s just one more way JobDiva makes sure your recruiters connect with only the best-fitting candidates.

Additionally, look for candidates by state, by phone area code, or by a radius to a zip code. If a certain level of education is required, you can select a minimum degree in JobDiva and even specify what the major or area of study was. The exclude tab can also help you eliminate candidates outside of the possible pay range for the position.

Your search criteria can also include qualifications and attributes that are predefined in JobDiva while they can be adjusted and configured to your liking. These qualifications may include references, security clearance, willingness to travel, visa status, free formatted fields and more.

These qualifications will allow recruiters: to take advantage of historical data for previously screened candidates, to utilize the information that’s already been gathered, to search for candidates whose references recorded in your system, or to return only candidates who have expressed openness to relocating or traveling.

JobDiva also allows you to search and survey the candidate pool without even creating a job in the system through the use of an open Talent Search.