JobDiva gives you thousands of angles from which to view your company’s activities and stored data. This wealth of reports can be adjusted to be as broad or as specific as you need.

Utilize Extensive Body of Database Reports

JobDiva will instantly pull any information you need from your extensive database. These reports return any data stored in your system back to you in an intelligent and clear format.

For example, use the database reports to see all the notes added to the system during a certain time period. Or learn how many resumes were harvested from the job boards for an open position. Or find out how many openings there are per client or division.

It’s all right there at your fingertips.

Utilize Extensive Body of Activity Data Reports

JobDiva’s User Activities reports provide rich documentation of all internal movement within your company, so that you can understand the entire workflow of your organization at a glance.

See the number of jobs collected by account managers, the number of candidate submittals made by recruiters, the number of pending interviews, and much, much more.

Gain from Automated Data Collection

The wide array of reports JobDiva provides doesn’t come at the expense of anyone’s valuable time.

As recruiters, account managers and salespeople move through the system, JobDiva automatically collects their activities: the workflow itself provides the data for the incisive reporting. JobDiva tracks the data being gathered electronically.

This means getting more company intelligence with less effort.

Run Reports Using Multiple Filters

For each report listed on JobDiva, there are a multitude of options for filtering your data.

Sort information by date or set a duration. Narrow your report by individual users, groups or divisions. Filter by job type: full time, contract, right to hire. Only pull up results with certain key words or fields. And much, much more.

Export Reports to Microsoft Excel®

Reports in JobDiva are available as HTML files, but you can also generate them in Microsoft Excel® —a common format easy to convert or feed into other programs.

See Your Activity-Trail Down to the Minute

JobDiva's unique Access Log Report will give you full record of all activity within the system. Every action is stored and available for instant recall. This makes for a rich audit trail.

JobDiva allows managers to see exactly how the system is being utilized. JobDiva also enables the user to trace back their activities in the system.

Keep Rich, Detailed Records of Submittal Metrics

The submittal report provides you with a window onto your organization’s effectiveness.

Know at a glance how many submittals, interviews and hires by client, by division, by industry, by account manager and more.

You can also drill down beyond the numbers of candidates submitted per user, but also see — for example — how many of hires resulted from those submittals, the ratio of interviews to hires, or average response time.

Learn Where your Hires Came From

JobDiva reports on the sources of your candidates. So, you will be able to determine which job board, newspaper, advertisement or media outlet generates the best ROI.