JobDiva is an Outlook-friendly system. While you can work exclusively from JobDiva’s Diva-Mail or remain with your familiar Outlook, you won’t have to chose between the two. Use them both and keep them synched with JobDiva’s easily manageable syncing options.

Sync Your Outlook Calendar with Your JobDiva Calendar

JobDiva makes it possible to keep your calendars correlated. You can now sync events scheduled in your JobDiva Calendar to your Outlook calendar, which, in turn, updates your Smart Phones, so that all three systems reflect the same information.

When scheduling an event on your JobDiva calendar, simply utilize our ‘Export’ button to send events over to your Outlook calendar.

And coming soon, automatic syncing between your JobDiva and Outlook calendars!

Sync Your Outlook Contacts with Your JobDiva CRM Database

JobDiva allows you to sync your contacts with the just a click. You can export contacts individually or sync all contacts between JobDiva and your Outlook. Specify the rules for synching contacts by privileging one system to sync to the other, or let the latest data flow both ways.

Sync Emails to Take Advantage of Diva-Mail features

JobDiva’s email interface Diva-Mail can sync with any email system using IMAP protocol, including Microsoft Exchange. In practice, this means just about any email server will work with Diva-Mail. You can access your email from your traditional tool, such as Outlook, or utilize Diva-Mail whenever you like.

Control Rules of Synching Utilizing Various Setting Options

JobDiva also offers a variety of ways to configure synchronization, so that you control where your information flows. You can opt to swap all new contacts from each email system, creating system equality so that all stored contacts appear on both, or you can chose to perform data transfers in just one direction.

You can also update contact information based on where the most recent changes occurred, so that new information will import both ways, with the more recent data taking precedent regardless of which system it was entered into.