JobDiva offers a data-rich Job screen that’s easy to set up and loaded with unique features designed to minimize administrative work and maximize recruiters’ time.

Enter and Maintain Job Requisitions through a Simple Data-Rich Interface

The Job screen within JobDiva offers a clear window into positions.

Take in at a glance: the hiring manager and company, the worksite’s location, length of assignment, the acceptable ranges of bill and pay rates, number of openings and placements, required actions such as travel, drug tests, background checks, and much more.

You’ll also be able to peruse records of sourcing and submittal activity: see the candidates who have responded to email merges for that assignment, as well as those were submitted with details such as bill and pay rates, interview dates, and start dates. Meanwhile, the attached notes section will record mail merges and all notes entered on candidates’ screens linked to this assignment.

Many activities can be performed straight from the Job screen. See supplier feedback to submittals, store documents, send emails with the job description out to potential candidates or recruiters, manage user-defined fields, clone the job, and much more.

Work on Job Requisitions Entered JobDiva’s VMS Coddler

Do your clients use Vendor Management Systems – the secure web portals where approved vendors can log in and see job orders? Without JobDiva, these portals can be difficult to manage. Jobs open and close without warning. Changes are made in listed pay rates, start dates, and more. It used to be that the only way to stay on top of this dynamic information was to have staff checking these windows constantly, but this is a poor allocation of your resources. Let JobDiva help your company manage VMSs better.

JobDiva is the only Applicant Tracking System that can spider these VMSs for you. JobDiva will log in to the portal where it can automatically upload jobs into JobDiva. It will then send email notifications to relevant staff, alerting them that a job has opened so they can get right to work. The spider will also update any data or status changes and send out subsequent notifications, so that recruiters and their managers know, for example, as soon as a job’s description has changed or that it’s gone on hold or been closed.

Use Optional, Configurable Job Catalogs to Create New Positions Fast

Your company can create a job catalogue within JobDiva. If you frequently recruit for the same type of positions, with similar titles, descriptions and pay rates, it’s simple to configure those characteristics into a job catalogue.

Afterwards, recruiters can click into the catalogue from the Job screen. Selecting a listed job will populate the screen with the relevant stored data. Further manual editing can be done at any point, too.

This is one of the many short-cuts JobDiva has developed to make entering a new job quick and easy.

Track Each Candidate from Submittal to Start Date

JobDiva’s Job screen offers a portal into all related candidate activity. This puts a file of all candidates submitted, labeled with their submittal, interview and start dates, in plain view on the Job page. It will also note which recruiter submitted the candidate and to which hiring manager. Plus, the pay and bill rates also be displayed.

The records on the Job screen are linked with candidate records. Any change in data on one screen will be automatically updated on the other screen to reduce time spent on data entry. This data also contributes to JobDiva’s metrics for elaborate reporting.

Follow an Intuitive, Self-Regulated Workflow

JobDiva has automated much of the standard workflow process. Recruiters should be able to speed along from search, screening, verification, qualification and negotiation to submittal without an excess of tedious data entry to slow their pace.

Each part of JobDiva’s event-driven process flows naturally to the next: set up job criteria, launch a search, screen candidates, apply your company qualifying process and submit candidates. Let JobDiva perform the mundane administrative tasks and data maintenance, and let your recruiters focus on candidate qualification and negotiation.

Quickly Access Relevant Lists for Each Job