Just as a car has a dashboard, JobDiva comes equipped with a similar instrument panel to give you quick accesses to key data, so that you can get where you need to go. Steer toward success with the JobDiva’s Jobs Dashboard.

'Drive' Your Day with a Dashboard View of Your Jobs

JobDiva can help you define priorities. Jobs are arranged by urgency, so that those with the least response appear at the top of the screen, while covered and filled jobs show toward the bottom. This encourages recruiters to achieve a 100% response rate and lets managers know when open jobs have been neglected and need addressing.

Take in All Open Jobs at a Glance

The Dashboard provides a bird’s eye view of all open jobs, so that you have a complete picture of your company’s activity.

Instantly see all key data—such as client company, hiring manger, primary recruiter—for all open positions. See significant figures displayed as well: like, the total openings, maximum submittals allowed, externally rejected candidates, interviews scheduled, and hires.

Travel Directly to Priority Items

Some data on the Dashboard functions as links. This way, if you see an item you need to know more about, just click on it to travel to the relevant screen. For example, if you see a job that hasn’t received sufficient response yet from your team, just click on it to go directly to that Job screen and view all related activity.

View Dashboards at Individual, Division, or Group Level

Produce as comprehensive or as focused dashboards as you need.

Bring up the dashboard for company divisions for a complete overview, create group lists to view open jobs by teams, or take a close-up look at any individual user’s dashboard.