JobDiva is totally intuitive and the training provided is thorough and always available.

However, you may further advance your understanding of JobDiva and optimize your recruiting practice by utilizing the dynamic on-line Help and Best Practices document. Inside you’ll find a wealth of materials that go far beyond the scope of the usual user guide. While most manuals only provide the ‘What,’ our dynamic document also speaks to the ‘How’ and the ‘Why.’

Use Content Rich JobDiva Help Section

The JobDiva Help Section supplies everyone in your company with an in-depth body of knowledge of all major system components, however, we don’t put the software ahead of your experience as a user. This is reflected in a guide that is organized primarily not by features. Instead, the document focuses on issues and challenges common to recruiters and outlines how JobDiva solves those difficulties.

Leverage Content Rich Best Practices Guide

The creators of JobDiva poured decades of staffing success into the system. This company understands your industry intimately and wants you to succeed. So the user manual isn’t limited to merely the ins and outs of the software. It tells you what you need to know to get the most out of JobDiva so that you can thrive in this competitive market.

Easily Refer to the What’s and the How’s of Functions

In clear, orderly language, the Help Section outlines the features and mechanisms you’ll be using every day to improve your practice.

In this remarkably rich document, all aspects are covered – from the most basic, such as viewing a resume, running a candidate search or changing your password, to the most advanced, such as controlling your privacy settings or how to get the most out of your reporting module.

Leverage the Why’s for Optimal Performance

JobDiva is the ultimate recruiting tool. Every facet has been optimized to increase recruiter effectiveness. So, the more you understand about JobDiva, the more you’ll understand about why the system works as it does and the more will become clear to you about how to organize your own practice for the best, fastest, most profitable results.

Search by Phrase or Topic of Interest

While the Help and Best Practices module is organized by categories, you can search the entire document by key words to get your questions answered fast.

Read Priority Topics for Essential Guide

JobDiva has isolated the topics crucial to understand in order for you to utilize JobDiva to the fullest and maximize your productivity. These topics are starred so that you can read through them in just a few minutes. You’ll log in as a novice, but you’ll log out as a JobDiva expert.