If your company services industries using flexible or per diem staffing, JobDiva can help you streamline your process and organize your data.

Manage Workers Schedules and Assignments from Calendar

Coordinating shifts for active employees can be a cumbersome process without the right tools. This is especially true if you work in an environment where many recruiters schedule multiple shifts for the same employees. Don’t rely on Excel sheets to manage your data. Utilize a shared visual calendar for each employee and each assignment. With one glance, take in which workers are dispatched to what facilities for the day, week or month.

JobDiva also enables you to quickly create assignments straight from the candidate’s calendar, and also to add candidates quickly to an assignment’s calendar without going through a full submittal workflow. This makes recruiting in quick turnaround fields, like healthcare or industrial labor, easier than ever.

Record and Store Licenses & Certifications on a Candidate’s Page

Every candidate page in JobDiva is outfitted with a clear and precise Licenses and Certifications file, making it simple to manage a candidate’s qualifications. Here, you can select what qualifications they have, record the license numbers and state where they were obtained, and enter expiration dates. You can also attach relevant documents, such as scanned copies of their license, in whatever format – PDF, Word, etc.

JobDiva will provide a set with a default list of qualifications common to your industry whether it is healthcare, industrial or otherwise, but the list of licenses and certifications are totally configurable by users.

Candidates themselves can also upload requested documents, such as copies of certificates and licenses for your approval by visiting your website. JobDiva will host a secure profile for each candidate – separate from their internal candidate page – where they can upload documents, as well as search jobs, monitor their calendar, and more.

Set Alerts and Generate Reports for Expiring Licenses & Certifications

JobDiva makes maintaining employment eligibility and documentation effortless. Users can opt in to receive daily email alerts and see pop-up alarms for active employees whose licenses or certificates are about to expire or whose have already expired.

Users can also run reports on all the candidates whose qualifications are set to expire over a certain period.

Quickly Create Submittal Packages, Bundling Resumes with Other Relevant Documents

Creating a bundled submittal – with resume and required documentation – is a cinch with JobDiva.

With just a few clicks, JobDiva will generate a pre-formatted email to an internal manager or external hiring manager and will automatically attach the candidate’s resume. Recruiters will be given the option to attach additional documents as well, such as copies of licenses and certificates, scanned IDs, proof of insurance, etc.

A similar email can be sent out to the candidate, with a template informing them they’ve been submitted to this role. It will automatically import the description and the location of the job into the body of the email. Any other information can be added, too.

All email templates in JobDiva are Rich Text and wholly configurable.

Manage Shifts, Employees, Jobs and Facilities with Flexible, Layered Calendars

JobDiva offers a layered calendar system that tracks events at the candidate-, job- and facility-levels simultaneously. You can choose to view multiple layers at once or select which elements you want to appear with just an on-page click.

JobDiva also allows you to customize shifts for facilities. You can then assign candidates to these shifts and see clearly what openings remain to be filled.

Any assignments can be further edited with user-friendly graphic tools. Just drag and drop shifts to switch times.

Allow Candidates to Check Their Calendars and Set Unavailability

Candidates can keep track of their assignments by visiting your website and logging onto thier secure profile which will be hosted by JobDiva’s portal on your website.. (This profile will be separate from their profile that is maintained by your staff and is not accessible to the candidate.) From their profile, they can see what hours they’re working and at what location.

From this candidate portal, they can even mark themselves unavailable or available for certain times, days or for an extended duration.