JobDiva offers users a multitude of unique ways in which you can leverage email to stay connected, current and informed.

Access Your Outlook (or Any Email Server Using IMAP) Through JobDivaís Diva-Mail

JobDivaís email interface Diva-Mail can sync with any email system supported by a server using IMAP protocol, including Microsoft Exchange. In practice, this means just about any email server will work with Diva-Mail. You can access your email from your traditional tool, such as Outlook, or utilize Diva-Mail whenever you like.

Synchronize JobDivaís CRM Components with Outlook

Diva-Mail allows you to sync all your contacts from JobDival into Outlook. JobDiva also offers a variety of ways to configure the synchronization, so that you control where your information flows. You can opt to swap all new contacts from each email system, creating system equality so that all stored contacts appear on both, or you can chose to just perform data transfers in just one direction.

You can also chose to update contacts based on where the most recent changes occurred, so that new information will import both ways, with the more recent data taking precedent regardless of which system it was entered into. Or, if one system is always more current than the other, you can prioritize it so that either all changes in JobDiva or all changes in Outlook are overwritten by the other.

Process Incoming Email for Candidates and Contacts

When using Diva-Mail, you can chose to save emails. These can be stored in configurable folders at the side of your screen, much like Outlook. Email folders will automatically be imported from your previous email interface into JobDiva so you wonít lose your organization.

Or you can opt to file emails in JobDiva based on the senderís identity. Emails from stored contacts or candidates will attach to that personís page within JobDiva. Theyíll remain attached even if you decide to delete the correspondence from your email account. From a personís screen then, you can bring up any live emails (those still present in your email account) or any saved emails associated with that person. These emails will be available publicly, so that others can benefit from the intelligence contained within it.

Save and Track All Transactional Email in JobDiva and Outlook Coming Soon!

Users or groups of users can opt to have all emails associated with a stored candidate or contact automatically save to that personís record in JobDiva.

Once that option is utilized, emails will be downloaded electronically into the notes section of the senderís contact record without prompting from the user. This creates rich records without your having to lift a finger. These emails will also be visible to all who have permission to view that file, so that others can benefit from the data contained within it.

Event-Driven Email Alerts

JobDiva is equipped with alerts to help recruiters and managers stay current on all activities. Users can select which alerts to receive from an extensive array of options.

You can chose to be notified when candidates apply to your jobs, or just when candidates apply whose resumes match your jobsí skills criteria. JobDiva can also alert you when any resume enters the system which matches one of your open jobs, regardless of the resumeís source. You can also opt to know when youíve been assigned or unassigned to a position or when there are any status changes to your jobs. You can be notified when candidatesí records are merged or deleted or you can be alerted when a submittal or interview, created by any user, is entered for a job to which youíre assigned.

If your candidates have licenses or certifications, you can set up your alerts so that you receive notifications for approaching document expirations for candidates or employees.

Many of these notifications can be configured so that you receive them only when marked as a primary recruiter or salesperson for that job.

Associate Emails with Events, Reminders and Tasks

JobDiva can help you stay apprised of all your appointments, meetings and more with minimal data entry on your part.

When scheduling an event on either the Contact, Candidate or Calendar screens, you can chose to invite others. They will receive email notifications of the event details, including description, time and other attendees. You can also opt to send email notifications at a set time prior to the event as a reminder. Likewise, when you are invited to an event, youíll be alerted via email as well, and this event will automatically appear on your calendar.

JobDiva also makes it easy to reach candidateís and contactís calendars directly from emails. When viewing an email in Diva-Mail from a contact or candidate, one click on the person icon beside their email address will deliver you straight to their files, where you can schedule events, tasks and reminders. When scheduling a Reminder or Task from either the candidate or contact page, an entry will also be made on your calendarís To Do list.

Take Advantage of Rich Text Features for All Emails

JobDivaís templates are all in Rich Text. Control fonts and colors. Use highlighting, bolding and italics to set off sections of the email, such as job title or required skills. Plus, if youíd like your companyís logo to appear every time or even an embedded video, itís possible with JobDiva. Attachments or hyper links may also be included in your emails. Thereís a Spell Check function, as well, to keep emails as crisp as possible.