JobDiva offers a full suite of Tracking features, making it possible for your entire front office - sales people, managers and recruiters- to work from the same database. In addition to avoiding the headaches of maintaining multiple software systems, consolidating your staff's data offers an important advantage: when information is flowing into the system from various sources, the aggregated intelligence empowers everyone in your company to understand, and thus serve, your clients better.

Track Relationships through Notes, Attributes, Events, To Do's, Submittals, Interviews, Hires, Sales Milestones, Sales Pipelines and More

JobDiva offers numerous features to help you manage business relationships in a smart, efficient manner.

Store unlimited data in the free-form notes section of any company or contact record. Assign searchable attributes to create call and email lists for particular contact types. Schedule events and reminders from the contact page which will appear on your own calendar as well and will also generate email alerts. Track the entire submittal process from the hiring manager's contact page where it's automatically recorded. Establish sales milestones to create pipeline reports or to generate lists of contacts at stages of the sales cycle. Save information and see it migrate electronically to other relevant parts of the system. And much more.

JobDiva has automated much of the tracking process for you, storing and clarifying historical activities between you and yours client while also lightening data maintenance.

Sync all Contacts and Related Events with Calendars and Smart Phones

JobDiva can sync your contacts, correlating contacts stored in your JobDiva database or mail interface Diva-Mail with your Outlook and Smart Phone. You can export contacts individually or sync all contacts between JobDiva and Outlook. Specify the rules for synching by privileging one system to overwrite the other, or let the latest data flow both ways.

You can also sync events scheduled in the JobDiva Calendar to your Outlook calendar, which, in turn, updates your Smart Phones, so that all three systems reflect the same information. When scheduling an event on your JobDiva calendar, simply utilize our 'Export' button to send events over to your Outlook calendar.

Or sync all calendars completely with JobDiva's automatic syncing features.

Track Contact Email

When someone stored as a contact in JobDiva emails you, you can attach the correspondence to their contact page within JobDiva. This email will remain filed on their page even if you decide to delete it from your email account. From a Contact screen then, you can bring up for any live emails (those still present in an email account) or any saved emails associated with that person. These emails will be available to those who have permission to view that contact file.

Manage Organizational Hierarchies

A contact's data can be refined to include whom they report to. JobDiva interprets all the stored data for a company's reporting structure and, with just a click, provides you with a graphic organizational chart. The chart is dynamic and expands every time you enter another reporting relationship for that company.

Set the Requirements For Candidate Submittal as Guidelines at the Company Level And Let Them Flow Down to Contacts/Hiring Managers, Jobs, etc.

A client's rules and preferences for candidate submittals, such as security clearance or background check, can be stored at any level within the tracking database. When set at the company level, these requirements flow down automatically to the hiring managers of that company, and then to jobs to which those hiring managers are attached.

On the Job screen, these requirements can be further modified to fit that specific job. JobDiva comes with a list of standard requirements, but more can be added to accommodate your clients' needs.

Set Discount Structure at Company Level That Will Flow Down to Contacts/Hiring Managers, Jobs, etc.

When a client negotiates a corporate discount, you can store that figure at any level of contact in the tracking database, and it will automatically flow down to lower levels.

For example, if a company negotiates an automatic 5 percent discount on all transactions, you can save that figure on the company's contact page, and it will automatically appear on all the hiring managers files for that company and then on all the jobs connected with that company or its managers.

This figure will also appear on JobDiva's unique CalcuDivaź, which is embedded on each Job screen. When you open CalcuDivaź on a job's page to calculate a margin, it will include the stored discount for the company or manager related to that job and will automatically factor that number into subsequent calculations.

Categorize Contacts

JobDiva gives you the ability to organize contacts into categories, such as prospect, client, etc. These contact types are configurable and can be set at the company and the contact level. They're also searchable, so that it just takes a few clicks to generate a list of all stored contacts labeled as a particular type. This means that JobDiva will provide you with a complete list of prospects or clients without any administrative effort on your part.

Set Access Permissions to Contacts

While your company may want to leverage the benefits of open data, JobDiva has also added security measures so that some or all contact data can be private and protected when desired. Users can control viewing and editing permissions of their contacts by narrowing the list of users who have permission to see or edit their contacts' details. Permissions can be set at the individual, group or division levels.

Search on Configurable Sales Pipeline

One of the many ways JobDiva helps organize contact data is the ability to assign every contact a sales milestone level. This list is configurable to your practice. It's simple to add or remove sales milestone categories. The list is also searchable, so that with just a few clicks you can rapidly generate a filtered list of contacts. Use these search returns as call lists, create targeted email campaigns and more.

Create and Manage User-Defined Fields

Every Contact's screen includes a page of fields that are entirely user defined. Add any data you like here-from previous employers to spouse's name-to create searchable records.

These fields can effectively function as a filing tool. For example, create a field for 'First Face to Face Meeting'. If you define everyone you met at a certain conference by entering in the name of that conference, you can later run a search specifying that conference. Use the results to send an email to dozens or hundreds of contacts mentioning where you met them for a personalized but efficient email outreach.

Create Email Marketing Campaigns

JobDiva makes creating Email Marketing Campaigns quick and easy. First, run a search within your contact database - filtering the list with any of a number of qualities: contact type, region, sales weight, sales milestone, etc.-then launch an email marketing campaign directly from that list just by clicking 'Email Merge.' Utilize email templates and JobDiva's rich text emails to control fonts and colors, add your company's logo or even embed a video. There's also a Spell Check function to keep emails as crisp as possible.