At no additional cost, JobDiva will host a candidate portal on your website. This portal pushes your open jobs out to the world, giving you effectively free advertising, while simultaneously drawing fresh candidates into your database. It also empowers candidates to manage their own process.

Let Candidates Peruse Jobs and Apply Easily

On your company’s website, JobDiva will host a candidate portal that lists all open jobs. Candidates can search for positions based on key words, job type (Full Time, Contract, etc.), or location. They can also search for ‘ideal’ jobs, letting JobDiva evaluate their resume against all open jobs in the system and suggest possible fits.

Candidates can apply online within the portal or forward job descriptions to third parties. JobDiva creates a history of all applied to for the candidates to access.

Give Candidates the Tools to Create and Update Resumes

This portal gives candidates the opportunity to log in and create a resume – either by uploading it, pasting it or emailing it into the system. JobDiva can also help them build a resume step-by-step. Once a resume is stored in the system, they can log in at any point and edit it. And JobDiva’s unlimited data storage makes it possible for candidates to store multiple resumes within the system without adding drag to your searches.

Give Candidates Ability to Manage Their Own Calendar

By logging into their job portal, candidates will be able to see a layered, flexible calendar. They can use this calendar to set availability for interviews or assignments. They can also mark periods of unavailability to keep you informed when they’re committed elsewhere.

Allow Candidates to Upload Documents

In addition to the ability to upload resumes, JobDiva lets candidates upload documents as well, such as copies of licenses and certifications. After an internal user verifies and approves the document, it will then be stored on that candidate’s internal record.