JobDiva understands that candidates are your business. That’s why we provide you a robust collection of tools to manage candidate information and relationships.

Save Time with Automatic Resume Parsing and File Creation

Creating a candidate file in JobDiva is as easy as forwarding an email or clicking a button. Whenever you get a new resume, simply forward it as an attachment or in the body of the email to an address that will be You may also click a button to upload a resume. JobDiva will automatically parse the resume and create a candidate record.

Resumes also flow into your database from harvesting job boards, your own company’s web portal and from candidates responding to your advertisements on job boards. More resumes no longer means tedious data entry. Instead, JobDiva populates the file with contact information, work history and education. This is done as you watch or in the background.

The system creates a single folder for a candidate even when multiple resumes are received. Meanwhile, it saves all received resumes. JobDiva recognizes duplicate candidates and places the resume in the folder to which it belongs.

Manage Candidate Relationships

From resumes to emails, from conversation notes to references, from submittal information to hires and rejections, JobDiva compiles all of the candidate’s attributes and communications with the company into a single folder and displays it in one data-rich screen that’s easy to read.

Through this candidate screen, you will have a window onto what other recruiters in your organization have to say about the candidate. See the email merges they’ve received. Store your own information about the candidate, too. Store and view the multiple resumes of that candidate. Check what licenses, certifications, on-boarding documentation you have for them on file. And much, much more.

Manage Candidate’s Calendar and Availability

Each candidate in JobDiva has a layered calendar that can reflect scheduled events, such as interviews and assignments.

You can also control a candidate’s employment availability. Mark candidates as available as of a certain date or unavailable until a certain date.

Options for controlling email merges also exist on the Candidate screen.

Let JobDiva Guide Recruiters through Reference Gathering

On each Candidate page, there’s a link to that candidate’s reference portal. Here, you can record the name and contact information of their employment reference. The record is tied to the Contact Relationship Management Database, so that if you start to type in the name of a reference, the system will suggest stored contacts to minimize data entry.

Standard questions for references can be stored within JobDiva. There’s also space to record the references’ answers to create a complete, compact file for each reference.

Find Ideal Jobs, Forward Resumes, Measure Candidate’s Qualifications Against a Job, Electronically Format Resume, and Much More

The Candidate screen features many tools to benefit both you and the candidate:

In just a few seconds, JobDiva delivers a list of all open jobs with criteria matching the candidate’s skills.

JobDiva will generate an email with the resume attached in just one click, so that you can easily forward it on to interested persons.

Or, if a candidate expresses interest in a position, simply type in the job number and let JobDiva tell you the job requirements that the candidate’s resume matches. This will help the recruiter focus on the pertinent information in the resume and the job description.

In Microsoft Word®, rapidly generate a formatted resume that can be presented to the client or the hiring manager. Relevant skills will be bolded. Your company’s logo and contact information will be automatically included.

These are just some of the tools JobDiva equips you with to help your candidates and help yourself.

Flip Easily Through Virtual Stacks of Resumes

JobDiva knows you don’t have time to waste. When sourcing for a position, flip through resumes of qualified candidates, with key data highlighted, moving directly from the candidate to candidate just by clicking an arrow icon.

A small preview box in the corner of the screen will also give you the option to pick and chose which candidates you’d like to see.