JobDiva has designed a graphic, layered calendar which minimizes data maintenance while providing comprehensive views of activity within your organization.

Let Calendars Update Themselves: Recruiting Activities, such as Interviews or Hires, Automatically Updated to Individual or Group Calendars

As you schedule interviews and start dates for candidates, JobDiva will automatically add these events to your own calendar.

You may mark any event as private, or leave it public, so that it will be visible to others in your organization. Users can view all public events, and JobDiva provides several layers, so that events can be aggregated and viewed at the level of an individual, a configured group, or the company.

Synch JobDiva Calendar to Your Outlook and Smart Phones

Between the office, home and the transit between the two, you may be utilizing several calendars to manage your day. JobDiva makes it possible to keep all of your calendars consistent.

You can now sync events scheduled in your JobDiva calendar to your Outlook calendar, which, in turn, updates your Smart Phones, so that all three systems reflect the same information.

When scheduling an event on your JobDiva calendar, simply utilize our ‘Export’ button to send events over to Outlook.

Drive Your Daily Activities with Featured Events, To Do lists, and Reminders

JobDiva provides day, week and month views displaying all events for those durations. Each view also features a list of To Do’s. These lists are generated from each task or reminder you’ve scheduled for yourself.

Events can be scheduled to include other individuals and groups. JobDiva will automatically send them an email notifying them they’ve been invited to an event and update their calendar. As you create an event, you can also choose to send additional email notifications at various times prior to the event as reminders to its participants.

You can also schedule events’ lag and lead times, to make sure meetings don’t bump up against each other. You can assign priority level or event type – and titles for these categories are wholly configurable.

All tasks and events on the calendar are hyperlinks to their records. Every record, which will appear as a pop-up, contains a bottomless note box that can contain all the data you need to store relative to that event. JobDiva also draws on the Contact Relationship Management database to create rich event files: you can tie any contact to an event which will create a link to their record directly from your calendar.

Glide Over Clear, Logically Designed Format

JobDiva’s calendar, with its sensible, legible format, is straightforward to use. View your calendar by the day, week or month. The calendar month is always displayed on the page, too, to give day and week views context. You can also opt to view calendars of other individuals or groups within your organization.

JobDiva has added other features to guarantee ease of use, too. The calendar is searchable by phrases and words. You can peruse lists of recently viewed candidates or contacts directly from the calendar. A link will also appear to your dynamic Hotlists of candidates when one or more requires your attention.