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Privacy and Permissions

JobDiva offers you many methods to control and protect your data.

  • Easily Classify User Access to View, Edit and More
  • Protect Client Data
  • Control Postings to Job Portal and External Job Boards
  • Shield Calendar Elements as Private

Easily Classify User Access to View, Edit and More

Determine the activities users can perform in the system. Access can be set at the level of individuals, groups or divisions. Define who can perform certain recruiting activities, such as viewing masked candidate data like social security numbers. Decide which users have access to advanced JobDiva features, such as Diva-Mail and Diva Financials. JobDiva also gives you the ability to set permissions for which reports each user can run.

The permissions of Team Leaders can be qualified as well. Establish which management duties they can perform, from overseeing resume harvesters to managing serviced VMS websites, among many others.

Moreover, some important data elements in JobDiva can only be edited by those who created them, assuring accountability. For example, only those assigned to a job are able to edit its information. Only the author of a note can edit its contents; and even then, the changes are tracked. Once you build a Hot List, only you and those whom you assign to it can edit it.

Protect Client Data

JobDiva gives you control over all your contact and client information. You select who has the authority to edit a company's information, including details such as: corporate discounts, contacts at the company, submittal instructions and more. And, at the contact level, you assign who can view or edit a contact's record.

You can also control who has the ability to edit privacy settings within the CRM functions or who can synchronize contacts stored with their external mail server such as Microsoft Exchange®.

Control Postings to Job Portal and External Job Boards

Your accounts with job boards have limits. Make sure only the right people in your company are accessing them by assigning permissions.

JobDiva also helps protect your client's proprietary information when jobs are posted to the boards or your company portal. JobDiva keeps your client's identity confidential. Only the title, description and general vicinity of an assignment are posted.

Shield Calendar Elements as Private

JobDiva offers an accessible, layered calendar that everyone in the company can access. But if there's anything you want kept private, go ahead and mask the event. With JobDiva, there's no need to chose between an open or a closed system: we offer you both.

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