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The Opportunity Module


Mastering a list of opportunities from both a qualitative and quantitative perspective just became a reality. JobDiva's Opportunity module brings fresh simplicity and precision to sales pipeline management. Gain an expansive view of your ongoing sales leads.

Leverage the Opportunity Module to Gain True Business Intelligence

  • Synthesize disparate elements in a multi-faceted dashboard that provides true business intelligence, keeping your sales team informed and focused on their lead quality and projected revenue
  • Gain a complete and uncluttered picture of each Opportunity's development
  • Set the groundwork for better communication within your organization
  • Customize the Opportunity module to support your desired methodologies

Monitor Progress with Built-In KPIs

  • Built-in KPIs allow you to monitor progress for each Opportunity and sales person
  • Track team performance with an Opportunity Leaderboard
  • Be alerted to Opportunities set to close in the next 30 days
  • Gain insight into patterns regarding lost Opportunities so that informed, decisive steps can be taken to improve performance

Managing Opportunities

  • Control access and editing rights to Opportunities with layered access, ensuring data integrity
  • Allow Managers to view all Opportunities, querying for a particular Opportunity or generating lists that meet their criteria, such as Stage, Priority, Client and more
  • Review all Opportunities in a dynamic interface that allows for drilling down into details of multiple Opportunities while maintaining the cultivated list of all Opportunities
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