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Adhering to Equal Employment Opportunity and OFCCP reporting guidelines is as easy as turning on a few options in your company's JobDiva profile.

JobDiva has automated most of the process for you - contacting the candidates, requesting information, uploading and storing the data, as well as sorting it into concise reports. The system keeps this information unidentifiable except for possible audit purposes.

  • Let JobDiva Collect EEO Data from Applicants
  • Utilize Automatically Stored Data for Reporting and Auditing Purposes
  • Comply to OFCCP Guidelines With Existing JobDiva Capabilities
  • Draw on JobDiva's Best Practices Guide

Let JobDiva Collect EEO Data from Applicants

You can set JobDiva to automatically collect EEO data from candidates at certain touch points in the recruitment and hiring process. For these selected touch points, a candidate will receive an email with a prompt to complete a standard EEO form. The form requests self-designation of race, gender, veteran status, etc., while clarifying that answering any of these questions is entirely optional. It also states that you are an EEO employer.

You can set the system to deliver the email when a candidate:

  • agrees to be submitted, interviewed or hired for a job
  • shows interest in a job
  • applies to a job
  • submits their resume
  • is viewed by a recruiter

Once a candidate self-designates, they won't be asked again. You can also set the system to send the email only once per candidate to avoid flooding any one person with EEO data requests.

Utilize Automatically Stored Data for Reporting and Auditing Purposes

As candidates complete EEO forms, the data is stored in JobDiva for your company. No further action on your part is required. And whenever you want to run a report or present materials for an audit, the EEO figures will be at your fingertips. Information identifying the individuals who is providing answers is not available in the standard EEO reports. It is only available under permissions for auditing purposes.

You can run EEO reports for current employees only or on all responsive candidates. These reports can be produced in HTML or Excel format. You can run them for any day or duration since your company has been using JobDiva. If your company provided earlier data during the conversion, this information can be searched as well.

Comply to OFCCP Guidelines With Existing JobDiva Capabilities

Once on JobDiva, you will instantaneously be able to meet the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP) requirements for EEO reporting. JobDiva's tracking capabilities, reporting tools and electronic, event-driven interactions with the candidate transform what was formerly a tedious, lengthy task into an entirely automated process.

Draw on JobDiva's Best Practices Guide

JobDiva's dynamic online Best Practices document offers a constantly refreshing look at how to best utilize the system to meet the EEO reporting requirements. The document also provides government references that help keep you current on EEO and OFCCP requirements for your business.

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